Naturally Anchored

It's a long standing challenge to capture in words what the working dogs equate to, how they have, and continue to, alter our lives.  I am not the farmer who got into sheep and later realized stock dogs were an asset  and livestock guardian dogs were a necessity to keep a sheep ranch on the prairies afloat.  I am a dog enthusiast who molded a way of ranching around my love of dogs.  

The dogs were first and in many aspects they still are.  This life of sheep and dogs relies heavily on instinct, - the stock dogs, the guardian dogs, the sheep and my own.  When our instincts are aligned and heading toward the same purpose, it is heaven on earth. 

This life is like no other, it is rich in flavours, incredibly challenging, deeply maddening, insightful, surreal, lonely, fruitful, peaceful... And always, at days beginning and at days end, there are the sheep and the dogs to anchor us.  


  1. Thanks for sharing your world...

    1. and bless you for your appreciation of it. It's lonely to share otherwise :-)

  2. What an eloquent description of your style of ranching life.


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