Little Gifts From Fresh Fleeces

A neat little gift from the maker behind Fresh Fleeces arrived in the mail last week.  Avril Manderson gifted me one of her handmade sheep pendants so that I might have first hand account of what the product was about.  She was hopeful that I would spread a good word about the jewellery too. 

I am always appreciative of handmade crafts and small enterprises and when Fresh Fleeces was first brought to my attention it didn’t take me long to decide it was worth sharing a link or two and making mention of it in the Crooked Fences newsletter.   The little pendant is tinier than what I thought from the website photos but it is a treat and the coiled wire gives a very realistic appeal to the piece.  It’s tiny and classy.  The packaging is well done too and is a bit of a treat itself.

This craft is well done and the Irish company is keeping things fresh with the addition of different breeds of sheep and other animals to their jewellery lineup (and there has even been some discussion about certain large white dogs...).

My poor lighting photos do not do the piece justice so be sure to check out the Fresh Fleeces website (click the image link below).


  1. What about the green "pocket"? Did that come from there too? I couldn't find on their site. Very classy!

    1. Yes. The jewellery box is a black plastic case with embossed sheep logo, and that was packaged in the embroidered, green felt, button snap case. A gift that was nice to open as well as receive. That green pocket will have a perfect use down the road, I just know it.


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