Looking through blogger photo albums I came across this older photograph.  Did you know this photo was edited and used for a book cover?

For some bizarre reason that feels more impressive upon stumbling across the photo now, than it did at the time.   The book is a romance novel that revolves around a lady and her LGD's who arrive at an Idaho ranch to help protect some sheep.

The book is The Other Side of Hurt by Judith Schiller.   It is only available as an ebook right now and can be found on Amazon and I think on Smashwords.  It's a good and solid story and a fast read, and the dogs are key to the story.

The author and I connected during the writing of the book and still stay in touch due to our shared connection of the dogs and writing.


  1. That is a very striking picture!

    1. Thanks. It is one of those photos that catches my eye every time I come across it.


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