Evening Gather of Sheep

A typical scene on an evening gather for night penning (photo taken last week).  We have traveled the prairie land behind us to check for any wayward animals, meanwhile the ewes begin to head in. 

There was a break in the cold weather this weekend and I spent the time working on a couple outdoor projects I'd really like to accomplish soon.  The first is building new shelters for the livestock guardian dogs.  I have three of them done and material cut for the fourth.  I managed to make these with material on hand - including wool for lining.  I’ll take a couple photos in the near future and share what I did.

The second was removing wire along a stretch of fence in the area where we are going to winter the flock this year.  The fence line runs right along the south side of a long, and generous, L-curved, bush which will shelter the ewes well this winter, especially if they can tuck right into it on that South side - which they can if we remove the wire.  We want to remove that stretch of fence next year and re-route it anyway.  Removing wire turned out to be one hell of a job though.  I thought I’d be at it for a couple hours but it took most of the day and I’ve still got two wires to go.  Rolling up high tensile wire is the pits.  That wire has amazing strength and memory of its curl. 

The stock dogs hung out with me all day while I tackled the fence job.  They’re all sound asleep now - it’s a quiet evening of contentment here.


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    1. Thank you. I like the feeling of flow that it brings, and calm.

  2. Wear eye protection with that slinky high tensile! It's a love-hate relationship with that stuff for sure!


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