... and then there's life with BlackJack

Photo taken Oct. 22 (gosh it was still so green out)

He’s a very oral, mouthy pup and now that he is in the house more often, any sit down time is full of interruptions.  He explores the world with his mouth.  You pet him, he mouths your hand.  If he sees something move, he attempts a grab for it.  Items he has carried off include garbage cans, boots (he can do a pair at a time), books, bathroom loofa and scrub puff, shampoo bottles, honey pails, small bag of flour (he picked that up by the fold), entire shopping bags of craft items, shop tools, tin cans, blocks of wood, ...  I keep wondering if he might be part Labrador Retriever. 

I’m thanking my lucky stars the weather is still decent enough the dogs can stay outside during the day and I can provide them with plenty of exercise so by the time they come into the house for the night, they’re all pretty low key. 

His ears stood erect for a brief spell and now they both flop.  Allen keeps saying I have another Cajun on my hands in looks and in attitude, but the two dogs feel quite different to me.   Or maybe it’s that the last half a dozen years with Kelpies has netted me some tricks of the trade with these guys and so this time around feels much smoother.