Quiet Pleasure

We are tackling a couple new building projects so things are busy around the yard, but still there is a quiet pleasure had in the regular routine of collecting sheep at night and letting sheep out to pasture each morning.

Mic is getting the little bit of work in the morning and either BJ or Gibson accompanies me for the evening gather.  Occasionally Cajun and Jayde slip in for a turn as well so there is a bit of work for all.  BlackJack is spending his time growing up and growing into mischief.  Surprisingly I still have regular visitors arriving to work stock dogs, so there is sorting work and training time for my dogs too.  The extended warmer fall weather is certainly assisting with that.  

The guardian dogs are less tired and on the rare occasions they let me see, I get to watch Lily and Whiskey at play in the mornings.  I’ve been out with the camera, just for the sake of practicing with the thing and even though I end up deleting most of them, the photos are accumulating rapidly.  


  1. Your sheep look very content! I think all the livestock are enjoying this beautiful fall weather. We are supposed to have a beautiful week of sunshine and mild temperatures, and I know that my cattle, sheep, chickens, and two pigs will really, really enjoy it, as will the dogs and I. I hope you get the same weather!

    1. Enjoy the week! We are highly appreciative of any days without snow at this time of the year.


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