On The Easel - Kelpie Sketch

Recently sketched out, although I have not gone further with this one yet.  I think the nose is a bit long. 

It’s peculiar how some photos will jump to the top of my tall pile of pictures to draw or needle felt.  I have a stack of photos and ideas that will see me through the next two winters.  Then this one comes along and I just need to sketch it. 

This is the dog I had here for training this summer.  The photo was taken on the way to his new home, by the wonderful couple who were giving him a ride there.  Colleen was texting me updates and photos during the trip and said, yes, for sure, when I asked if I could have this one to draw.  I think of this dog often and the pangs of him not being here were still fresh when this photo came along and perhaps that’s why I felt the need to sketch it.  


  1. It's great! Are you planning on painting it or doing a felted painting? It's going to be really nice :-) Sweet pup!

  2. Original thought was to draw it in color pencil. I think I'll stick to that. It's the mirror that makes me think this - somehow the mirror doesn't lend itself to being done with wool.

  3. Arlette, It really captures that moment with "Bob". What a kind and sweet dog. We fell in love with him on that drive...we still have those pangs of him not with us, even though it was just a 10 hour drive! That rough and tumble Kelpie took a nap with me and shared my pillow. We just love this image! Colleen

    1. :-) Hey Colleen. I'm glad Bob's trip was with you guys - and that you took such a neat photo. He is a neat dog.


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