Kibble Thief

Last year we raised four bottle lambs and the little runts are still with us, currently residing with the rams.  This summer Rosie discovered the dry kibble dog food and as soon as we show up in the paddock, she shows up.  She has become very obnoxious about getting the dog food. 

Zeus is far too polite to win this battle.

Zeus is a v-e-r-y slow eater which might be how the lambs discovered his food.  We now stand guard until Zeus is finished (if we have time :-) )or feed Zeus in the alleyway, which Rosie can not access.  Zeus can slip out the between the gate rails as needed.


  1. Very kind of him to share in that manner!

  2. And that's how the Grahaminator2000 came about ;-).

    1. Do tell more... or share a link to the story if it's on your blog.


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