A Chance To Rest

Coming off pasture, heading toward the night pen

The guardian dogs are tired so we are night penning the flock again, meaning we are now bringing them to a small paddock near the yard each night.  Diesel is still returning to sit with the dogging sheep and with him being there it means the other three are left with the flock.  The night penning is as much for the dogs as it is for the sheep; it gives all a chance to rest in one place. 

Gibson is getting good practice doing long casts in the hilly terrain to gather the girls in the evening.  Cajun had all this work as a young dog and now it’s a skill I hope Gibson will pick up.  Letting the dogs work this far and freely on pasture has been something I have not done a lot of the last two summers, due to Diesel.  While we really need Diesel in the field right now, the one small bonus of him not being there, is I can allow the stock dogs to gather without as much worry of confrontation. 

It took three nights of gathering and penning them and the night next the ewes were already heading in their own.  I’m pretty sure they would not actually put themselves in for the night but they start making their way toward that area late in the evening. 


  1. I notice the coyotes are a lot more vocal these past few cold nights. This is really upsetting my Maremma, Bess. I am considering locking her inside tonight to make sure she is safe. I worry way more about her than the sheep! Hope all of yours remain safe.


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