Pre Herding Camp

Desks and art supplies in the studio room have been tucked aside in order to turn the space into a spare room for our much anticipated house guests, Dave and Trudy Viklund, the clinicians for herding camp.   The first few people have arrived and set up camping trailers in the yard.  For the next few days our dogs freedom is restricted to the large exercise yard.  The Trio are busy barking at each strange dog that passes by and keeping me busy with shushing them. 

With the Trio underfoot, chasing brooms, stealing containers, herding cats, and getting into all other sorts of such nonsense, the preparations for sheep camp were a bit more hilarious and time consuming than usual.  The shop has been tidied, the porta potty is set up, the yard trimmed, and the sheep readied (that part started way back in the Spring and was helped out by the dedicated people who showed up each weekend to work dogs).

Our herding camp is more like an urban camp than a rural stock dog clinic where only certain dog breeds are allowed to attend.  It still seems nifty to me that we see the various breeds of dogs that we do - I mean who knew that in this way-out-here location, this is what sheep camp would become.  There will be Shetland Sheepdogs, Bearded Collies, Border Collies, Kelpies, and Australian shepherds at this years camp.  Time spent in the company of good people with such varied herding dogs is always eye opening.  Herding camp stretches me, in a good way, every year.

I’ll try my best to be out and about with the camera.  I’ve only shared glimpses of sheep camp in the past out of respect for everyone’s privacy online.   And with hosting I’m usually running around just keeping things together and flowing.  But it would be great practice with the camera so I will see what I can come up with.

What's a herding camp?  Can I go?


  1. Sounds like a great time! My Kelsey would sure like to go. I tell her she cannot mess with our sheep until the lambs are gone and the weather cools off. I hope you all have a grand time!

  2. So far, a good time is being had by the majority of us here. It's been a very good camp for me so far, even with the busyness of hosting.


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