One Small Step - One Big Piece

This is going back a ways but the last I recall I shared progress on this piece way back in February.  It remained on the drawing table for a long, long time before I decided it needed to go elsewhere and made a few more touch ups to it.  It is not quite how I envisioned it but maybe that’s because there has been so much time between the start and the finish.  I do like how soft the overall scene is.  I like the snow.  I particularly like how it takes a moment to notice the third guardian dog amongst the sheep.

The Gathering Place, color pencil, 15" x 30"
This week, in a moment of pure spontaneity I entered this one plus two other pieces into a color pencil art contest, online. 

Normally I excuse and busy myself out of this and all sorts of similar things related to sharing my artwork.  When the email notice about last day to enter this contest, showed in my inbox, I felt a strong internal push that said 'just do it, why not'.  Contest and competition results were not part of the reasoning.   Rather, the voice insisted that I enter just to make myself enter a contest.  Just to follow through and act upon a tiny wishful thought I engaged in when I saw the email.  So I got the artwork out, I took a good photograph or two (or three or four), created a file according to the rules, cropped and resized and uploaded, paid the entry fee, and there it was - I had entered the contest.

Several days later it still feels good that I took that small step; like I claimed a small and hugely significant piece of my creativity for myself. 


  1. Good for you for doing it, Arlette!!! You should be very proud of yourself, and rightfully so! I totally get what you mean about claiming a piece of your creativity for yourself; I can imagine how anyone who puts themselves "out there" by creating something unique (but doesn't do it professionally....) might have that feeling. I know I sure have.

    Regarding the elusive 3rd dog: I now officially acknowledge that I need to get a stronger prescription in my trifocals, and called to make the appointment this very day. Thank you for giving me the kick I needed to do that! My eye doctor recenty retired and I'd been with him over 20 years, so I kept putting it off! (Finally found #3 with my trusty magnifying glass!!!)

    Good luck in your contest! I can imagine it must be difficult to "hurry up and wait" now. No matter what, you are a huge winner in my book!!!

    Warm Regards, Lisa in Lake Oswego, Oregon

  2. Ah Lisa, thank you so much for this supportive comment.
    The trifocals part made me laugh out loud. If it helps, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't need them if viewing the actual large original.


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