Great Company And Good Times Come and Gone

Lily comes running to greet me this morning, well that's what I want to think she's doing.  Truth be told, it is more likely that she is running to get her breakfast.  Either way the sight gives me a welcome feeling this morning.  The lambs left yesterday and our company, plus a few dogs, pulled out this morning so the place feels quiet and still.

We had a full week of visiting, touring, working dogs, laughing, eating, fencing and some sheep work.  To avoid the emptiness that wanted to bubble up to the surface today, I busied myself with moving sheep panels, walking dogs, taking photos and making a trip to town to purchase a couple old dogs books I put on hold at a antique and relics shop.  That hit the spot.

I knew I needed to write but could not sit still long enough today, and even now, late into the evening you can probably tell by this writing that I am making a concentrated effort.  I'm ready to put my feet up and sleep now though, and overlook that I feel the honest ache that happens after great company and good times have come and gone. 


  1. Lily looks SO happy to see you :-) Enjoy your books!

    1. She is a very animated girl, I love her eagerness.


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