Fresh Twigs and Good Company

Satisfaction is a fresh twig to sink your teeth into when you’re teething,... and having good company to spend a few days with. 

We have a week full of company so computer time is purposefully sparse.  There are a few more Kelpies here and a Labrador Retriever who is along for one of his inaugural hunts of waterfowl.   So far the hunts are in the wee hours of the morning and I stay back to take care of dogs and sheep (I'm not a hunter).   We might get in some time for an evening hunt in which case I’ll join the team and take some photographs.  There is something highly rewarding about seeing dogs utilize instinct and perform in the line of work that suits their very purpose.  Maybe it’s so rewarding because there is some recognition of how rewarding it is for us when we discover and pursue one of our purposes. 

The visiting Kelpies have been put to work moving the rams and the dogging sheep.  Jayde and BJ helped me with moving lambs to another paddock where they can get a bit more grass.  Once the lambs leave and the paddock becomes available we will begin night penning the flock again.  For now we continue to tuck the sheep up each evening and Gibson is the dog I take to pasture for some experience doing this.  It only took a few evenings of showing up with a dog before the ewes started to flock merely upon our arrival.  


  1. Their ears are going every which way right now. Everyday when I say good morning I'm noticing what their ears are doing today.


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