The Lull Afterward

You know when you start a new thing and you’re all excited and then you do it and there is that lull afterward, the world stayed the same and nothing jumped out at you like you thought it might.  You did it and your day is still like the last one.

I’m in that head space.  A bit lost and wandering.  It feels odd to be taking this in a new direction.  Like I'm changing up an old friend.   But I’ll press on here for an honest try.

This is the progress on the latest piece.  I’m playing with a new technique and keep expecting this piece to fall apart, which happens more than you think, but so far it’s holding together.  I’m working with color pencils.

A few more layers of color are in place now.  The eye on the right isn’t complete, I’ll come back to that.

I was showing this to Allen, comparing it to an older piece of artwork and trying to describe what I hoping to achieve.  In response to a confusing description on my part, he said, “Well, this one looks like I could reach out and pet him and my hand would  actually curl over his head.”  The best compliment I could have received – that’s what I’m hoping to achieve.