Dogs and Ranger

This is the current drawing on the table.

The dogs and the Ranger are two icons of this place.  When the Ranger is parked near the house for any length of time the dogs will soon be in it.  Perhaps anticipating the next outing or at least hopeful they will be taken along the next time.

Allen commented that either I love this dog or he is very photogenic because of all the stock dogs, I draw him most often.  Hhmmn, I think perhaps it might be a bit of both.  Cajun does hold a spot in my soul, a rough spot now burnished smooth with the easement of time and understanding.  And as well, looking through photographs in my iPhoto collection, there are many good ones, and even a few stunning, photos of him.

The areas I need to adjust are beginning to emerge

If I draw him a hundred times it would not be enough.