Deep Appreciation

I am reading your comments and emails, thanks a bunch!  I appreciate knowing this blog had such a reach and impact.  You have given me a lot to think about.  I appreciate that some of you wish to come back and read the blog, that people might wish to do that, had not occurred to me. 

It is not an easy choice to let go of this blog, you are right in that it has been my journal, for half a decade.  The new blog won’t be too dissimilar from this one though and that encourages me and I  hope encourages you to come on over and join me there.  It’s a needed change of focus and scenery but with the same subject matter.  With the type of art I like to create I do not produce artwork at a rapid pace, so there will be photos and writing about sheep and dogs to fill the gaps.  Kind of like this one (for you, Farm Buddy).


  1. Those pups should give you a lot of inspiration... That Speed is a cutie!


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