Coming Off The Easel

When I work on a piece of detailed artwork, bit by bit, one ear, one eye or one spot of the shoulder at a time, for awhile I can not see the whole.  Working on the ranch is similar.  All I see is the next fence line to put up, or gate to fix, or ewe that needs attention.

Until I see the artwork in another form or look up and take in the whole, I don’t know if I hit my mark or missed it.

Allen was right with this one.   When I uploaded the photo, for a brief moment, I thought I could reach into the screen and touch him.  I believe I hit the mark.  I find black dogs to be one of the toughest to work with and have it look like there is perspective and depth, not just flatness.  The other is white, which happens to be the color of most LGD’s, the other dogs I like to draw.

One odd thing about this piece –  I have no idea yet of a title for it.
If you have an idea for a title, please feel encouraged to share it, I’ll enjoy reading your suggestions.