Coming Around Full Circle

I’m back to where I started.

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone... “  lyrics from that famous Joni Mitchell song Big Yellow Taxi

I am returning here because I think you were right, this is a rather lovely account of the last five years and it can continue to be so even with a shift in focus and change of scenery.  This way nothing needs to be deleted, everything stays in one place and people can return to read the old and see the new as well. 

I feel a tad sheepish for leading you around for the last ten days and I am berating myself for stepping away to begin with.  But stepping away and then having the blogging hiccup lead me right back, provided the shift in perspective I was seeking.  This occurs all the time when working stock dogs, it goes along smoothly, then it dulls, then it becomes work with some amount of uncertainty, then I take a break, then I see the dogs a little differently again and I return to training, and we’re smooth and glossy again only now with another layer of depth and discovery.  It’s the way of my life really.  I suppose the important piece is that we keep on continuing on.  

So the focus will shift a bit here and the scenery might change and I’m toying with what to do with thousands of photographs.  Otherwise it feels good to be home.

I’ll import the recent posts from the other blog and I will continue from there.


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