But Do You Know What It Is?

Some pieces of artwork look quite pleasing in the sketch form, as I felt this one did.

This is one of those scenes I wanted to capture in wool.  How cool would that be I thought.  Now that I’m part way through though I am wondering if others can tell what the scene is.  It looks abstract upon first glance and if abstract were what I was hoping for this would be okay, but I like to share scenes and tell stories.  

This is where it is at in the needle felting stage.  So dear readers can you tell what the scene is? 

The sketch is below if you need a clue, it seems more obvious in the sketch.  I suspect anyone who does not experience sheep on a regular basis might not see the scene at first glance, if they ever do.  I had a similar experience with an older piece of artwork, also done in wool come to think of it.  A very kind, elderly, farmer lady was trying hard to encourage my artwork but when she got to that piece she had no clue what it was and had to ask, “what is it dear?”  It was a dogs nose resting on a paw, cropped close up so you just saw the nose and paw.  It was very, very obvious to this die hard dog fan but until that point it had not occurred to me that another viewer might not have a sniff of what it was.  Even when told what the picture was she seemed confused. 

I'm wondering if this piece will be like that.  If so, a good title for this piece will go a long way. 


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