All The Right Moves

Sometimes the thought processes and moves the dogs make take me by surprise.  Typically Lily keep her meals for herself, standing up, leaning over and indicating to other dogs that approaching the food is not wise.   This morning, she and Diesel were eating nearby one another and when Diesel finished eating first we stayed to watch.  Diesel casually moved toward Lily.  What unfolded next was not what we expected.

Lily became agitated with Diesel being near to her meal.  Instead of continuing his frontal approach Diesel turned his back to her and no word of a lie, stepped backward into her space.  One step, then another, then another.  Lily gave a brief lunge and snap – which might have been effective if she had a front to confront.  But the only thing facing her was Diesels rump, which she punched with her muzzle.  He stepped backward again, fully overtaking her space, the food now in between his front feet.  Lily was at a loss as to how to deal with this and hence gave up her meal.  I laughed aloud at D’s cleverness and pluck.  Smooth as silk he completely derailed any retaliation and claimed his prize.   How did he know to try a move like that?  It appeared he had no hesitation about what he was doing either.

They never cease to amaze me.

p.s. We stepped in, called Diesel off the food, and let Lily back to her meal.