Still Felting

I have not posted artwork for a long time but I am still stepping into the art room on a regular basis.  I have a couple sketches underway plus this needle felted piece.

I was eager to put to use that stash of colorful wool gifted to me from a friend in Montana and for some reason kept thinking of the four seasons.  An idea of sheep passing through the seasons began to form.  It started out like this.

I don't normally do my sketches for needle felting this way so this whole process is new.  This piece is a long, narrow one and in my head I was after a certain scene, or layout.  I drew and cut out the shapes of sheep and lambs and this way I could position and rearrange without re-drawing each time.  And it did take a few times to get something I was pleased with.

Once I had a rough idea of the layout I put the wool down but nothing has been felted yet.  The background fabric (100% wool) was changed part way through.  I switched from the neutral tan to a vibrant, teal colored fabric.  

Isn't it neat how they're floating on the wool...

It sat like this for a few days and I'd fuss with it, then when I felt okay with it I started felting, lightly doing the background to start with and then getting some loose detail of each sheep in place.  This is where it's at.  I think it will end up being a table runner or perhaps a banner style wall hanging.


  1. The changing colors are lovely; sheep passing through the four seasons is going to make a beautiful piece! I'd love to see the finished project when you're done!

  2. That is just beautiful! Love it!

  3. Thank you kindly for the generous and encouraging comments. I'll be sure to share the finished piece.


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