One Less Lady Among Us

Today was a tough but not unexpected day.  Lady seemed tired this past week; like she just wanted to rest.  The medications were not having much impact anymore and only serving to keep her here for our sake.  We knew it was time and made the appointment at the beginning of the week. 

Allen and I will certainly notice her absence and I am curious if and how the remaining guardian dogs will notice it.  Lily is the sole female now and seems poised to step into that role.  We are not in search of any replacement guardian dogs or pups just yet.   We have had a fair share of trauma's and tough losses this past year and a half and are not ready to add guardian dogs.  Besides that, the three Kelpie puppies and an unexpected adult stock dog, dropped here for training, have me swamped and feeling overwhelmed with dogs at the moment.  I can not add another new dog right now.   

We will sit tight and see how the five guardian dogs do.  Four are with the flock and we are trying to convince Zeus to join them, but so far he is still convinced he must be with the rams. 

Tomorrow morning's check of the flock will definitely have a spot of emptiness to it.


  1. Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear about Lady. Please know you are in my thoughts. <3

  2. So very hard, in so many ways. Dear Lady.

  3. Just catching up on your blog now. So sorry my friend (((hugs)))


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