Off In A New Direction

Okay let’s do this. 

The idea of mixing my artwork and writing to showcase livestock guardians, stock dogs and the sheep, was stirred up quite some time ago.  Animals and this lifestyle dictate and consume my days though and for the most part this a very good thing.  This lifestyle demands a fair bit of time and attention, yet because I live this lifestyle I have this lifestyle's perspective to share.  This has been the dilemma for several years and despite encouragement and signs that direct me toward pursuing artwork, I have put that off, waiting for the right time.  Then that radio clip I was thinking about on the walk to the bus, happened, and the realization that I’m just waiting for the right time because I’m damn scared to start something new, this artful something in particular, could not be ignored.

Changing this blog into something else doesn’t feel right and in order to pursue an art blog I feel I need a fresh platform.  Knowing I can’t keep up with a second blog I have decided to end this blog and start up the other.  I will remove this blog entirely in a few weeks time. 

Update: I went off to a new blog, hit a snag and came back again, realizing this is worth continuing and it will survive some changes. 

I hope you enjoy all the changes but for anyone who wishes this blog would carry on as is, the Crooked Fences Newsletter is the perfect alternative.  The newsletter is a spin off from the ranching with sheep website.  Each month in the newsletter I recap what took place here on the ranch, share some personal musings and write about life with the dogs.  It’s free and when you subscribe it comes to your inbox each month.  You can subscribe here.

As for the new blog changes - well, it will be mainly artwork, with some photos and essay.  It will be more random, more about being and less about what we’re doing on the ranch.  In my artwork I create what I know so the subject matter will lean heavily towards the dogs, dabble in the sheep, and trickle through my thoughts about this way of life. 


  1. Oh, don't remove this blog and throw away all your past work :-o. Just leave it. It's a beautiful journal!

  2. I agree leave it up! It was part of your life for so long, why remove it? It's like old photographs... Nice to bring back memories sometimes!

  3. Please don't remove this blog. When I have time, I love to go back and read blogs and do to yours often!

  4. I will really miss your blog. Having always had border collies, I enjoy seeing the pictures of the kelpies, especially those honey-colored pups! I wish you would just keep posting pictures of them. How about just a picture blog, and no writing necessary?

    1. Interesting suggestion, I do have a lot of photos ...

  5. I really enjoy your blog! Hope you don't remove it, as on my many sleepless nights I enjoy looking back... And it's a great journal and history! :-) See you over at Dog Tails....

  6. I really appreciate all your appreciation of this blog. Many. many thanks for that. This surprised me.


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