Morning Ritual

The early morning hours and late evening offer a gorgeous cool reprieve from the heat.

This is a slice of my morning ritual.  Most times I head out with the adult dogs for a long bike ride or walk.  I return, drop off the old timers (the two border collies who are not in this photo), add the pups and head out again for a shorter walk that the pups can manage at this age.

It is kind of as peaceful as it looks; I rarely miss a morning walk.   

Sometimes I mix it up and take the pups with everyone right away.  That will happen more as the pups grow up and can keep up.  We don’t always walk the same route.  Sometimes we go down the road, sometimes we head out on a pasture trail. The route I take depends on where the flock is.  We go where the sheep are not.

In the evening I’ll gather the training sheep and sort them to work/train a couple dogs.  Then do a second short walk with everyone.  This is us hanging out in the yard afterward.

All the adults
and the pups too
[Hhmmn... The images look better in iPhoto, uploaded here they look a little blurry].   


  1. I started having that trouble too and I went into the picture html and changed s400 to s1600 and that helped. I'm not a tech person and I don't know what that means or why it works, so take as it comes... ;-).

  2. Thanks for the tip, I appreciate it.

  3. What a great crew for your morning walk!


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