Kelpie Trio

They are becoming less ‘BJ’s pups’ and more their own little individual selves. 

We took the pups to the veterinarians today for their second set of vaccinations.  We survived. 

They are twelve weeks old and beginning to look like young dogs with an ample dose of puppy.  Given that we live in such a rural location, they really are like good ole farm dogs in that they don’t see much of the urban world.   We all had quiet a surprise when, while taking a short walk prior to our appointment, a little poofy, doll of a dog, escaped from his owner and came barreling down on us at full speed.  The poof dog got the scare of his life when three puppies, erupted into a ‘what-the-hell’ surprised and panicked volley of barking.  Poof dog ran right through us and under the nearest vehicle and hid.  At the time it was minor chaos for us and the dogs, but looking back it’s a tad funny, although the owner of the poof dog looked very shell shocked and I guess we probably did too.  One of the sagas of when country dog goes to the city. 

It is becoming more apparent that the pups need time apart.  They depend on each other too much and do things accordingly.  I’m just not sure how to handle that as it means doing a lot of things three times over.  It makes me question the choice to hang onto to the three of them until older.  Nonetheless, amidst the challenges are plenty of gorgeous moments of puppy, and this will net me some great (and maybe some tough) learning experiences.  All to be looked forward too.