Holy Dragonfly

If a lot of insects make you cringe, this post probably isn’t for you.

In this area of the prairie we are plagued with mosquitoes every summer.  We always notice when the Dragonfly's show up and enjoy seeing them (they eat mosquitoes).  But never have I seen them like this. 

This is at 5:30 am on a foggy morning and I’ve just headed out, walking the stock dogs.  There was a light cloud of dragonflies along this tree lined trail, however, I was amazed at the cloud of them that emerged from the trees a moment later, when birds flew through. 

Even though the air was thick with them, they seemed to lift as I walked through, not flying near me, and I was not bothered by them at all.  I don't like a lot of insects but these had plenty of space to be in and I stood, amazed at the sheer number of them.  I have no idea what their presence represents but hopefully it results in less mosquitoes.


  1. Wow, Arlette ~ I love dragonflies and have never seen anything like that before, either. I hope that means less mosquitoes for you, too! Here in Colorado, the mosquitoes have been awful this year. But I am finally seeing the dragonflies :-) Take care!


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