Day to Day

Allen and I are making good progress on the perimeter fence.  We have more posts pounded in the ground and we’re getting set to roll out another half mile of woven wire.  Allen is the only person I know who works just as hard, or maybe harder, in the heat.

On account of the heat and being busy, the days are melting into one another.  It feels as though one day has gone by when it's been three days since I posted.

I am still keeping Diesel free of his drag object during the day but wearing it at night.  This seems to be working although it is tough to know if the dogs are getting along or if the heat just has them sapped of energy and thus not interested in picking fights with each other.

The ewes graze early in the morning and late into the evening.  We hear them from the house, calling to lambs and talking to each other.  They repeatedly return to the weedy patch and to my amazement are nibbling on the thistles there.  The lambs enjoy a romp on a favourite slough side rock pile whenever the ewes are grazing in this paddock.  [I haven't been out with the camera for a few days.  I dug up a couple file photos for this post.  The scene is very similar today].