A Walk to The Water Bus

The water bus is back in use and there is one thing I often begrudge about the water bus, having to walk whenever I have to move the thing.  I either walk out to the bus, move it and walk home, or I drive out to the bus, move it and walk back to the vehicle I drove out in.

It has been two summers since we last used the water bus but the ewes were drawn to it right away when it showed up on pasture again.  In the past we would move the water bus to the next grazing paddock and the sheep learned to follow, today the sheep are moving as they please and I come along later, taking the bus to wherever they set up camp.

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A couple mornings ago I started out alone, on foot, to walk to the water bus.   At the first gate out of the yard I turned around and came back to get a dog, just one - Coyote Mic.  So ingrained is my habit to walk with dogs it felt empty to walk without one now.
I started the walk feeling sorry for myself, and annoyed that I had to take this time for a regular mundane chore of the summer.  My mind meandered to a conversation I listened to the day before on Good Life Project Radio.  A short clip on how the time is never right to make changes in our lives, or do new things, or stop doing the worn out things.... waiting for the right time is very, very seldom a legitimate reason to wait.  More often it’s an excuse not to start.  Ouch.  I’ve been waiting for the right time for a number of things.  Maybe that is why my world seems to have stalled.   Chewing upon this new perspective was niggling at me.  It reminded me of a similar perspective Allen shared with me a few years ago:  There is always enough time.  It’s how we choose to empty it or overfill it, that gets our knickers in a knot.

Glancing up from my private mental conversation, there was the bus, just in front of me.  Now this walk wasn’t long enough and my mornings work was less of an annoyance.  I emptied the water tub, loaded it in the back, collected filling hoses and the mineral tub, and drove off to catch up with the sheep.  I’d refill from a wetland once there.  Having played catch with the water I scooped from the tub to empty it, a very wet Coyote Mic rode beside me.


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