Succulent Satisfaction

Today Allen and I did a talk and tour for a group of staff and supporters of Ducks Unlimited Canada.  We have done these several times in the past and we always enjoy them for the highlights they bring to our day, and to our purpose of being here. 

Save for a couple patches of Native Prairie this place was once rather barren looking cropland from end to end, with not a fence post in sight.   There were drained wetlands and few numbers of waterfowl.  When we decided to return it to grass we were able to utilize DU programs and funding to help do so.  We are fond of DU for the help they have given and they are fond of our commitment to the land.  Doing a tour for DU sponsors to showcase this is win win for both of us. 

There was not time to tour the entire place or see the sheep and dogs although there was a great amount of interest in those things.  We did lunch and a brief talk at the yard and then toured across some pasture land to see a large restored wetland which had been ditched and drained by the previous land owner and then plugged and restored via a DU program.  Standing in the pasture and looking around at what the land is today, with a group of people as enthusiastic to see the change as we are, was a priceless feeling.  

Equally priceless were the conversations and comments offered to Allen and I.  We have heard the feedback on numerous occasions but it never grows old because it is the type of feedback that encourages and solidifies why you exist, and that where you are at in your journey is just where you need to be.  The day was not about us but it did reflect all the things that have been done here and every now and then it’s critical to stop and celebrate the steps we have taken.


  1. A wonderful program that sounds like it was beneficial to you, DU and, of course, the land. I think there are a lot of individuals and groups that do such good work, you just never get to hear about them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. :-) Cheers to all the people who do!


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