Just Go With The Flow

Lambing season kicked into a steady pace already and today brought a dozen or so new lambs. 

A controlled drift lambing is so much easier than what lambing is this year.  The ewes are spread far and wide and most of the work is driving about the countryside on the Ranger checking ewes and searching for new lambs you know you saw earlier.  I think things will settle once there is a plentiful batch of lambs on the ground to hold the ewes but with only a small number it feels as though we’re more out of control than in.  I keep telling myself to just go with the flow, everything always works out.

With a steady pace of birthing there are also some losses already.  One ewe lost two of her set of triplets today which is SO disappointing.  They were born yesterday and moved with her through the morning but by afternoon they were failing and the extra feeding I gave them came too late and didn’t bring them around. Then Diesel interfered a smidge too soon with another birth and cost us a lamb. 

I’m not quite into my lambing time groove and am keeping my focus on finding and catching lambs to ring tails, so I have not been out with the camera.  I shall do so soon though.   We have some more sunny weather coming up, good for lambing and good for taking photos.