Lambing is chalk full of intermissions with BJ’s precious trio.  If I've had a rough loss on the lambing pasture they help soothe it.

I need to take recent photos as the pups have changed considerably just in the last week.  They are mobile and talkative and now able to spend warm days outdoors in one of the dog runs, coming back into the house for overnight.  Their bodies are taking shape and their features becoming more distinctive each day.  They show some recognition of things other than their mother.  They play more frequently although still not for very long.  I’m am enthralled with watching them grow and change. 

Another intermission is a stock dog clinic taking place this weekend although this time at another location.  Allen and I chose to take a break from hosting clinics this year and then some dear friends stepped in to organize it and host it at a different location so it could still happen.  We loaded and hauled our dogging sheep there yesterday, giving BJ a break from mothering to help us load.  Today I returned with a few stock dogs to work the sheep in the new place.  I will not be able to fully participate in the weekend clinic due to lambing, but I’ll be stopping by for sure to say hello to some good friends.  I’m quite excited the clinic is still able to happen and do wish I could be there in full to work dogs and visit.