BJ's Trio

Jill and Tamara, and anyone else who has been waiting to see some puppy photos - this post is for you  :-)

The days are full of lambs and pups with a bit of time in between to put my feet up.  I injured my ankle last week and am getting around with a support boot on so the feet up part is needed right now.  The weekend was a blur with lambing check in the morning, taking in the stock dog clinic for the short afternoons and back to the pasture in the evening to catch lambs. 

Allen, home from work for a few days,  did all of the lamb catching today to give me and my sore foot a reprieve.  I drove the Ranger and did the recording in the lambing book.  There are 35 - 40+ lambs birthed each day right now.  I suspect this will be our busiest week and then the pace will taper off again.  We are about half way through.

The stock dogs are not seeing too much work right now and BJ’s trio takes up a bit more time nowadays.  We take them outdoors for the day and return them indoors overnight and spend time each day handling them and enjoying them.  They are really emerging into individuals now and I was amazed to see the first brief instance of stalking behavior in the pups already.  They are just shy of four weeks old.



  1. Sorry to hear about the foot :-/ 30-40 a day!?! Oh my, you must be CraZy busy! The trio is just TOO cute!! Thanks for sharing pictures of them!

  2. Happy to share them and thank you for reading!

  3. It was worth the wait, the puppies are adorable. I look forward to many updates :)


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