Spring Brings A Choice of Shoes

Thanks to Allen’s help tax time paperwork is almost complete.  I’ve been to the city to restock with people food and dog food.  Chores are lighter and becoming routine again.  The girls are looking heavy with a full year of fleece, and some are looking heavy regardless of fleece.  We’re gearing up for shearing day which is next Thursday.  Not so slowly, I'm settling into my roles here once again. 

I’ve put an invitation out to fibre lovers and fibre artists in the area.  It would be neat to have a crowd of folks join us at shearing and to be able to skirt fleeces again this year.  We’re off to pick up a second wool packer this weekend.  Needing a second wool packer typically means a full crew of five or so shearers will be here.  If you’re reading and you are in the East central area of SK or are game to travel if you live further away, come on out for the day.  Thursday, April 16.  You can find my contact info on the about page.

Did she say something about getting a hair cut...?
Yesterday I laced on a pair of running shoes for the first time this Spring.  Our distinct seasons give us Saskatchewanites distinct small pleasures every year.  Wearing running shoes outdoors rather than winter chore boots or Sorels for the first time in five months, definitely feels like you have a spring in your step.   I got on the pedal bike and with six stock dogs in tow rode out to one of our pastures.  It was early enough in the morning that the ground surface was still frozen from the overnight temperature drops, meaning the pasture wouldn’t be too muddy yet.  I parked the bike and we headed in to the pasture on foot.  The plan was to circle a large wetland and make my way back to the roadside where I left the bike. 

Due to Spring runoff the first wetland was joined to a second so there was no getting around it alone.  I swung out wider to skirt the second wetland.  My route would be a little longer but no worries.  We traveled through a hollow to come between the wetlands and discovered a wide swath of water flowing from a third wetland into the second one.  The flow of water through there was steady and strong, and only ankle deep - but icy, icy cold.  We were cut off.  Now if I had my chore boots on,...  

Staying on Dry Ground


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