Sitting With Lady

For the last few months I have been wishing for some answers and a solution to Lady’s health troubles.  Yesterdays repeat visit to the vet netted just that but the answers and solution were a little hard to digest straightaway. 

The underlying issue of her coat trouble is diseased kidneys and recovery to healthy kidneys again is highly unlikely.  She’s a pretty sick girl as we suspected but also very, very stoic and hiding just how sick she is. 

The vet likened her level of discomfort to a bad hangover.  We gave her fluids to rehydrate her and I opted to put Lady on a course of antibiotics and hormones to ease her level of discomfort and took her home, returning her to the sheep.  I have lived with and let go of several dogs and know that I’ll know when it’s time for us to return to the vet. 

Meanwhile, early this morning BJ, the kelpie I took to Montana for a breeding, began pacing, panting and digging the dog bed into a nest.  Nothing else to report yet, she’s still doing the same things. 

I am watching one life slip out of this world while anticipating another slipping into it.  I find lambing time is very much the same, although with the dogs involved, it greatly intensifies the feeling of sitting in the gap between life slipping away and life being given.


  1. Akk, Arlette. So sorry about Lady! How many times we watch one life slip away as new life arrives. It is hard.

  2. Oh dang! I am so sorry to hear the news about Lady! Just hate it when our animals get ill. I went through the kidney stuff with my sweet kitty. Sending )))hugs((( for you both.

  3. least you know what's going on, but still... :-(


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