Sitting Stones

Burradoo Ranch from the backside
Every place has a sitting spot and with all the rocky outcroppings above the ranch this place has more than a few.  I found my favorite one this morning while walking with BJ and Coyote Mic.

Half way up the slope is a boulder taller and longer than I am, accessible from the uphill side.  A rounded rectangular shape up the top with a perfect shallow depression for sitting with legs dangling made it feel so comfortable and homey.

I will say I am relieved to know the last day of my stay is upon me only because when you are taking care of someone else's animals there is a certain pressure (albeit perhaps self induced) to be sure all stay safe and sound.

I will also say I am full of satisfaction and sadness and excitement too.  I feel good for doing this trip.  I really do miss Allen and the dogs at home and am beginning to feel eager to see them.  I dislike  goodbyes though.  I have had quite an adventure here.  An adventure loaded with a variety of small an large occurrences and special people that have made it more than I thought it would turn out to be.

One other gift of this place:  I have finally begun to understand the phrase "where ever you go, there you are."


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