Photo Post

Today Mother Nature showcased a very calm and pleasantly sunny Spring day.  The recent snowfall disappeared.  Still, I spent the majority of the day inside, catching up, tidying up and puttering in the art studio (it feels good to be back in there).

Half of the ewes wandered toward the south paddock this afternoon so Gibson and I headed out this evening to drive them back.  It was like stepping onto the dance floor after a long absence.  The steps just came together for both of us.  Whether with human or animal I love those kind of dances. 

All of my 800+ photos from Montana are now downloaded onto the computer.  Maybe I’ll share a few before the trip is just a long ago memory. 

The colors of hair sheep

Burradoo Drover, the mate for BJ. 

Wooly tops.  A ewe lamb heading down the raceway for shearing.

The shearing shed, the wool exits this side...

... the ewes exit on the opposite side.

Curious ewes peering in.

On my way home from Joilet.  Sheep on the roadside, that is, on the wrong side of the fence.  Comforting to see that it happens elsewhere too :-)

Back at home and still obsessing over my recently acquired wool stash.  Where, oh where,  shall I start with this?   White, grey, black, brown, and colors to.  Isn't it gorgeous!


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