Photo from my Montana Collection
So shearing day has come and gone and the wool has been delivered to the collection depot already.

It was a busy day with five people shearing, including one lady shearer.  Several people returned to help us out once again.  We had two wool packers running and it was a continual collaboration of hands to keep up. 

Andrea, along with Lyn, a farm helper from abroad, managed the skirting table for us and since Andrea has the best knowledge of fleece quality it was a prime place for her.  The majority of the fleeces were skirted but if the backlog of fleeces piled to high we began packing fleeces without skirting and marked the wool bags accordingly.

Our modified sheep handling set up seemed to work well and since it did not rain this year we held the ewes in the outdoor paddock and alleyway.   With Jared and a stock dog to provide the incentive the ewes poured around the bugle and directly into the raceway, where Liezel and then Peggy kept them moving up to the shearing floor. 

Allen and his dad, Bill, managed the wool packing, tying full bags and unloading them.  Myself, Peggy and Cynthia were the wool pickers and floor sweepers with Liezel and Allen joining us when they could.

Andrea set aside a handful of choice fleeces and we also kept the Corriedale fleeces.  Jethro’s fleece was something else and probably weighs close to ten pounds. 

With five shearers the pace is full steam ahead so there was no time for picture taking until it was all said and done and then we still had to feed sheep yet.  But tired or not, every year I feel great contentment at the end of our wool harvest.