Mingling of LGD's

With the ewe flock, ram flock and respective guardian dogs being in neighbouring paddocks, the young dogs took it upon themselves to reorganize.  Lily and Zeus decided to join Diesel, Whiskey and Lady for a spell.  Oakley had no part of this and stayed put with his ram and wether flock.  He might have joined them in his younger days but he’s not as spy as the youngsters anymore.  He’s also not fond of being near Diesel, with good reason.  Lady is hanging out nearby but Lady seldom gets involved in the drama’s of the pack. 

I see the dogs interacting all the time and occasionally playing, but it’s rare that I have the camera along when they are mingling like this.  This is one set of shots when Whiskey and Diesel spot Zeus and move in to inspect.

The following few photos are in sequence.  Every person who watches dogs with interest probably has their own version of what is taking place here.  What is remarkable to me is how Zeus handles the inspection.  Enjoy and decipher as you will, and feel free to share your comments.

L to R: Zeus, Whiskey, Lily, Diesel

L to R: Lily, Diesel, Zeus, Whiskey

I almost get that photo of Zeus and Whiskey that I've been wanting

Zeus and Diesel, pretty clear look here


  1. I think there is a lot of... just remember who is boss... going in there. They are pretty dogs.

  2. Yes, the third, fourth and last photo give that impression, don't they.

  3. Thanks for asking about Pippa and noticing her absence in the post. Pip is no longer with us; she disappeared and we have had no sign of her or what happened to her. \

  4. I am sorry, that has happened to me in the past.
    They do say that only 60% of lgds work out - 4 out of 10 dont make it.

    Not knowing just what happened is hard.


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