Little Lady

We moved the ewe flock to the paddocks nearby the yard and will keep them here for a few days until shearing.  This way they will be close at hand should it rain and they need to be put undercover (plus we shouldn't lose them, and we won't be touring the countryside to find them).  We made changes to our handling race at the barn so we brought the flock through there this morning.  Gibson and Coyote Mic helped me gather and move the flock.  Mic being on an inaugural run with this many sheep.  I always love how each stock dog feels in their work on our first few large tasks of the Spring.  The dogs are as fresh as the season itself. 

We moved the ewes down the large outside alleyway, funneling them around the bugle and through the long, new raceway, just letting them travel through and exit without being handled at all.  We’ll repeat this a few times prior to shearing day so they are familiar with it.   

With the flock being close at hand, it is a simple matter to slip out and feed guardian dogs, and take some photos. 

This is Lady sitting atop power pole hill.  Her coat is looking better but the oily secretion is returning.  What you can’t see in the photo is how dreadfully thin she is.

We worm our guardian dogs regularly, but I’m thinking to treat her again as she is slipping backwards on me and I'm at a loss as to why.  Her health is a constant concern right now.  If only the ewes could share a little body fat and fleece.