Burradoo To Dog Tale

The last couple days of my stay in Montana were filled with catching up with Bill and Janice and handing back the reigns to Burradoo ranch.  We talked and shared the stories of our respective adventures,  I shared the idea of Allen and I finding a place there, we worked some dogs so I could show where they were at in training.  We talked some more.  All of this was followed by a long and late visit with the neighbour who came to say welcome home to them and good bye to myself. 

Such priceless visiting outranked being on the computer to do a blog post.  The day after all the visiting I was on the road home.  While I had so much to think about on the 11 hour drive, I pretty much fell into a heap when I got here and marveled in the company of my own house pack once again.  Then I went to bed and thus I skipped blogging last night as well.

Cajun and Fynn as I come up the steps
This morning was an easy lope into the day.  Allen and I took a couple bales to the sheep and said hello to the guardian dogs. 

We stopped first at the paddock with the rams.  I did not feel the depth of how much I missed Oakley until he greeted me, snuffling and whining and leaning heavily into me.  Zeus was matter of fact.  Lily was excited. 

Zeus, Lily, Oakley
We moved onto the main flock and this time I did not speak and stayed out a distance watching ewes as they follow the tractor and bale out to the feeding area.  Diesel stops a ways off before deciding to continue with the sheep.  Lady travels with the ewes and passes on by.

Lady on far side. Diesel on the near
When they are almost abreast of me, Whiskey stops and starts to scent the air.  Both he and Diesel do this for about half a minute or more before deciding they know who I am. 

Home snowy home. 


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