BJ's Trio

Yesterday BJ whelped a small litter of three very plump little puppies.  They are more precious than precious itself. 

Her whelping went off without any major hitches.  She was momentarily surprised to see the first pup.  I think I was too.  She licked it off quickly and then ignored it, getting back to the business of whelping the next.  When she was done she tended to all of them and has hardly left their side since.  She spent all day next to the pups, napping and feeding.  She has plenty of milk to go around so these little firecrackers should grow like weeds.

Puppy one is a black and tan male, puppy two is a very surprising cream colored male and puppy three is a female cream, which surprised me even more.  Two creams in a litter of three is quite remarkable, plus BJ and Drover are both black and tan dogs.  I imagine creams are more common in Australia where Kelpies are so popular but cream colored Kelpies are not that common in North America.  I have only seen them in pictures. 

Their coat color is something immediate and tangible to adore and focus on but I can’t wait to learn who they are and what work skills they bring to the table.  I have fallen head over heels for this little trio so much that I am being sappy about them when sappy is not my thing. 

I’ll try not to overload you with Kelpie pictures but before they grow up and leave the nest, I think these babes just might be the most photographed Kelpie pups in Canada.


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