What A Drive

The weather warmed up here in Montana, and within a day and a half all the snow was gone.  Back at home it will take another month before the snow leaves.

The tidy flock of Katahdin sheep were let out to graze and the girls headed eastward along the flat and narrow expanse of pasture at the base of the rugged and rocky foothills.

At mid afternoon BJ and I headed out on foot to find the sheep and bring them in.  I almost gave up on walking any further when I spied them.  We were a long way away from the ranch.

These sheep are pets and heavily dogged so they hardly need anymore fetching by dogs.  In the training areas they are near impossible for the dog to drive as they cling so fast to the handler.  I wondered if they might drive better out here in the open when heading for home.

So far BJ has only done short drives and still questions what this is about.  Setting these dogged sheep up to head for home worked beautifully for us.  They were heavy sheep so they didn't flee but they knew where they were going and moved steadily along.  

She hooked them once and I helped her re-set and we were off again.  When they slowed up to stop and eat she powered in and made them move off again.  She did such a fine job!  BJ was born here, and I'm happy that Bill and Janice get to see ones of their pups at work.

Up at the main house, she has made herself right at home, curling up on the window seat, stealing the prime seat of Muster, the resident Kelpie.


  1. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Enjoy! I am south, in Colorado, and Montana is just beautiful :-)

  2. I hear very good things about Colorado too. It seems to me that a lot of Montana folks have connections to Colorado.


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