Small Similarities

The first dog I have started to work while I am here is a young kelpie named Deuce, a solid sized, dark faced dog who is just being started.

Mocha also had a go with me today.  She is just coming back to work after having had a litter of pups.  Mocha has limited experience and was a bit cautious of this new person handling her.

Both Mic and BJ are feeling pretty fresh on the sheep as we are coming off of a couple months rest since at home I don't work the dogs in January and February, as they are such wickedly cold months for us.

Allen tells me that back at home March is starting out in the same cold weather fashion and coming in like a lion.  It is also cold here in this western part of Montana, with a plush layer of snow.  I am still doing chores in full winter clothes.  The local people are anxious for a touch of Spring weather that should be here by now.