Photo Catch Up

Catching up with a few photos....

Arrival at Burradoo Ranch back in February.
Burradoo BJ overlooks the place
Sheep photos soon follow
Helping out on Shearing Day
One of my favorites, shorn sheep grazing with BearTooth Mountains in the background.
Shorn Sheep
Watching the livestock guardians and flock who graze across the road from Burradoo Ranch.
LGD with flock, located across the road
One of the great highlights of this trip... seeing the wild sheep.
And the real beauties... little Bighorn Sheep

... and big Bighorn Sheep


  1. Hi Arlette, I just realized you are near by. Sounds like you are having a fun vacation. I live about 1.5 hours away. Would enjoy meeting you some day. Sincerely, Annabel

  2. Hey Annabel, I have been thinking of you and fitting in a visit! Will try to touch base via your website as I don't have your email.

  3. Good morning Arlette, My email is:
    Funny thing...I was in Red Lodge yesterday too!!


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