Montana Day Five

I am beginning to get the routine of the Burradoo Ranch.  I still have to scrutinize each Kelpie to know which black and tan dog I'm looking at but that will come.

There are deer everywhere and they are far less fleeting than our deer at home, comfortable as these deer seem to be with livestock, traffic and people.

I have BJ and Mic with me and the other morning bald eagles perched in the trees just back of the house and watched the dogs and I walk by.  I'm really wishing there was a way to upload photos.

Yesterday we helped shear 100 head of Rambouillet sheep at the place down the road. It was a trailer shearing station set up and that was neat to see.  I oohed and awed over the fine quality wool and brought a small fleece back with me.

In between ranch chores and traveling the local area and visiting we have worked dogs a few times in between.  BJ and Mic will have a go today if the weather allows.

Allen assures me the dogs and sheep are doing fine back at home.  I only have access to the internet at the main house and when I'm there I'm visiting with Bill and Janice. So touching base is hit or miss.