Marked Impressions

Up on the rocky ridges behind Burradoo Ranch
Allen and I enjoyed a wonderful day exploring the tourist town of Red Lodge, an hour from the ranch I am staying at.  Allen is an avid motorbike fan and has a summer trip planned that will pass through Red Lodge and traveling the famous Road to the Sun.  Thousands of bikers pass through Red Lodge each year and along with the nearby winter ski hill, the town is a year round tourist destination.

Later on we headed up to the trail head at Custer National Forest which Bill showed me earlier.  The Bighorn sheep were still there!! and I soaked up a second visit spent watching them.  Seeing these wild sheep just lights me up.

We did a short hike on the trail and were in awe at the gorge and the power of the river running through there.  With the mountain run off still to come down the river was just getting started.   Nonetheless the roar of the water through the gorge started my heart pounding.  It was incredible.

Having been here close to a month now, Montana has definitely left an impression on me.  Allen could see why.  What a change this is from our prairie home.  On the second day of his short visit we happened upon a piece of a land for sale and, just like that, the seed was planted.  Our minds started to whirl.  Could we really?