Latest Word From Home

The latest word from Allen on how things are at home is that the snow is on its way out and the dogs are all okay.  He moved the ewes over to a piece of pasture with a large parcel of Native Prairie and they are picking in there while still receiving some hay feed.  Shearing will take place either April 15 or 16 so readying for that will be a first order of business when I get back.

Now that the weather is less cold, Lady has moved out to the flock where she will be most content.  She's a fussy creature all around and a particularly fussy eater.  Any change upsets her so the sooner we get her back into her regular order of the world, the better.  Even having Allen feed her instead of myself threw her off.  Her coat trouble is not solved but she is looking better, although is still too thin for my liking.

Meanwhile in Montana (gosh I like how that sounds), I had a couple of relatively simple days doing chores, hanging around Burradoo taking photos, and missing Allen sorely.

The Burradoo Flock

Pervus, the ancient mule

Playing in the creek that runs through the property

Sitting up on the rocks
Today I was invited to join in on some work at the neighbors place sorting a few cow/calf pairs on horseback and moving them up to new pasture.  Clyde picked me up at the yard, with Pruney, the horse, all saddled and ready to go.  What a fantastic time helping out and being on a horse, sore sit bones and all!


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