Hiking Around

I headed out with BJ and Mic for another hike up the rocky hills.  We took the same trail only went a little further to the top to see what lay beyond.

Beyond is an expanse of natural and tough Montana grassland that is not easily accessible, although I know there is a winding road that makes its way to these upper grazing lands. There is a livestock watering source there so livestock do graze up here at some time.  The only critters we found there were more deer and the dogs put the run on them.

This rugged grassland pours ahead in one direction and in the other direction is the edge of the hill we just climbed, with a valley ripe with tame pastures, black cows and a handful of sheep below.  We stayed there a bit, enjoying the view and watching the sheep graze their way back toward the ranch and their night pen.

The sheep are let out to graze each morning and brought home at mid to late afternoon. They have free reign to graze where they wish in between and can slip through fences so one needs to keep an eye on them.  They are so familiar with routine that even if they are not brought in by me and the dogs, they bring themselves home, knowing, and expecting, to receive their evening corn.


  1. Even sheep get corn...I had thought lamb or mutton would be free of it.

  2. Yes, the sheep in this area get corn. I suppose corn is readily available in the USA. At home we don't feed the sheep any grains but it is very common for producers to do so.


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