Highlight for This Sheep Lover

What a day for this sheep lover.  Bill and I took a drive to see the mine in this area and locate a trail head for a hike at a later date.  Up near the mine is the winter range land for Bighorn Sheep.

And there they were.  Two small flocks grazing there with half a dozen rams in their midst!

Oh I was ecstatic to see these wild sheep for the first time.  We watched from the vehicle for a short spell.  They were completely unconcerned with us.  There were ewes, yearlings and rams, still in their winter coats as they have not started shedding yet.  They grazed and they rested along the roadside, not a worry in the world.  I wanted to sit there with them as I do sometimes with the sheep at home.  Somehow I felt connected.

For this sheep lover, this is one of those moments to hold dear for a long time.


  1. It's so nice to know that they are there, existing in peace. What a magnificent sight that must have been!

  2. :-) I hope to go back and see if there are there again.


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