Company and Camera

I have been blessed with company.  Saskatchewan friends Liezel and Larry were here for a short two day visit and some farm supply shopping at Billings. They headed home this morning.

Plus, Allen decided to do a quick road trip and join me here for the weekend.  He just recently arrived and settled in and I'm so excited to share part of this experience with him.

While I impatiently waited through the day for Allen to arrive I passed some time with a short trip to Fishtail for the specific purpose of stopping in at The Muddy Lamb.

I first visited The Muddy Lamb a couple years ago and knew if I ever had the chance I'd stop in again.  It's a little gem of a shop in the middle of a gorgeous no-where spot of  Montana.

Pottery and wool - what a great combination.  I had to shop.  I bought three little clay sheep made by a very young local artist, and of course, I found some gorgeous rust brown wool to my liking.

I'll visit there again before I leave.

Allen also brought something special with him.  My camera-to-computer cord.  With any luck I'll be able to import photos onto the computer here and perhaps start sharing a few of them.  I'll tackle that a bit later though, right now I'm signing off to visit with Allen.


  1. Glad you are having a great time! Look forward to seeing your pictures :-)


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